Chartered in 1948, the Naperville Noon Lions is proud to celebrate the achievements of its members and the contributions they have made to the Naperville Community.


George Lazanzky Award Melvin Jones Fellowship Award
The George Lazansky Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to deserving Lions in District 1-J. It honors not only the recipient but its namesake, District 1-J’s first Governor who served in 1951-52. Lions International recognizes outstanding individuals by bestowing on them an award that is named for its founder, Melvin Jones. This Fellowship Award (LCIF) is the highest form of recognition and embodies humanitarian ideas consistent with the nature and purpose of Lionism.‚Äč
Bob Jordan 2002
(first year of Award)
Harold White 1992
Ollie Burrows 2003 Vern Finzer 1993
Robert Anderson 2005 Clifford Woolley 1993
Steve Hertzberg 2006 Robert Anderson 1994
Al Knotek 2007 Jerry Hill 1994
Bill McManus 2010 Robert Koller 1995
Maria Wilson 2011 Ken Peterson 1995
Jane Bowers 2012 Steve Hertzberg 1996
Rick Butz 2013 Stan Witmer 1996
Bill Bleecker 2014 Ed Moravec 1998
Paul Rewerts 2015 J. Howard Kittel 1999
Bob Hull 2016 Al Knotek 1999
Katherine Hertzberg 2018 Ollie Burrows 2000
Ken Strugalla 2019 Bob Jordan 2001
Donna Kearney 2020 Bill Bleecker 2002
Linda Strugalla 2021 Russell Freeland 2004
Carl Smith 2005
Maria Wilson 2006
Glenn Behnke 2007
Sherry Lyden 2007
Jane Bowers 2008
Bill McManus 2009
Paul Rewerts 2020
Rick Butz 2011
Bob Hull 2012
Ken Strugalla 2013
Donna Kearney 2014
Linda Strugalla 2015
Jim Ebers 2016
Chris Williams 2017
Katherine Hertzberg 2018
Jim Woodring 2019
Karen Maxwell 2021